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Eden Lake Part Two

Posted by Matt on February 6, 2012 at 2:45 PM

The Chalet and that "other" building beside it
Author's note: A LOT of this building is pitch black and the pictures supplied are thanks to the flash on my camera. I honestly didn't know what I was taking pictures of half the time, I'd just stick my arm through a doorway and snap a picture.

Viewing from a distance this place seems like any other building, but when you get up close you realize very quickly how disgustingly uncared for it's been for the last...oh, 20 years?
To the left from this perspective is a weird building, with two long corridors heading into a creepy dark and damp basement area. I'm assuming this is where folk would adorn ski boots and such, and there was a barely readable sign on the front claiming something about ski rentals. The upper floors of this building had, again, newly renovated drywalling that had been smashed down by vandals (but it probably didn't matter because this place is abandoned) And the top level appeared to be some kind of apartments, complete with balcony and sliding doors, etc. I have no idea what this building was used for aside from ski euipment rental.
When I saw this building it reminded me of the sphynx in egypt, with the way the two corridors are jutting out from the main building like the paws on the sphynx.

The doorway into the chalet was standing open, fairly inviting to those who'd like to venture in. There were at least 30 or 40 doors sitting againt one part of the building.

Inside was like walking into that TV show "hoarders". There was stuff EVERYWHERE, and little paths through it all. Oh, and bird shit....everywhere. The birds had literally taken this four story building and made it into the largest man made birdhouse in the world.

Immediately to the right there was a large kind of spiral staircase. I was a little hesistant because the entire building seemed like you could just push it over, but after a few test steps I realized that the stairs are completely concrete, and even most of the second floor was complete concrete.
The ceiling above the stairs was vaulted and had the remains of what I can only assume was a pretty cool chandelier.....Well, cool for the 70's or 80's I guess.

Up to the second floor we go!

The top of the stairs, and you can see what I mean on the floor here, too. It's literally caked in bird poop. I'm not one to worry about a lot of respiratory things, but this was sickly on an epic level.

There's at least four fireplaces in the building, at least one per floor. I'm thinking they are all connected to the same chimney. For an Inn (or so called inn) this place didn't seem to have any suites to stay in, just extremely large rooms - banquet halls, dining areas, cafeterias (at least two) and even what looked like a dance floor. There was spray paint and evidence of vandalism everywhere, but it looked pretty juvenile....as if 13 year old kids with spray cans spent a summer in there.

Don't let the "windows" fool you - there's not one pane of glass left in them. This room was completely empty and had a large cone shaped ceiling. There was literal piles of bird poop covering the floor and a lonely table....my thought is someone or a few someone's were going to toss it out the window and gave up when they realized the metal shield prevented that.

There was this creepy mural painted on the wall - original from when the building was still in use. I don't know what it's supposed to symbolize or mean, or why it's there.

This thing was in the middle of a large room, if you follow a hallway from the bathrooms, it leads to this....some kind of weird shower type thing, though it makes no sense to have a see through shower in the middle of a room.....or does it?

This room was pitch black inside and had counters blocking the doors. I'm not too sure where it led to or what the point of blocking it off was, but Trent and I assumed it held back hoardes of zombies and decided to leave it be....Plus clambering over large items of furniture when you're not 15 years old is really difficult.

This was kind of a stage room, it had a large stage area on one side and a smaller squared off stage area on the right. The above photo was taken from "the dance floor". I call it that because it was a wooden floor, slick, with light fixtures surrounding it....just like those old school disco dance floors. This entire room was decorated very 70's.

Through another set of doors, there was a long hallway that got darker and kind of ended with bathrooms, and a small black doorway that was just a staircase going to the bottom floor. There was a table at the landing on the bottom, and though someone probably just tossed it down there, I like to think some kids rode it down in a pre-jackass CKY fashion.

 Now, this building has a floor above the one we were on, but Trent and I couldn't for the life of us find a stairway leading to the mysterious third floor. I'm not sure if we just didn't look hard enough or if it was perhaps behind the creepy blocked doorway. Either way, we headed back down the spiral stairway and roamed past the junk into the main floor area. The first thing you came across was ANOTHER large room filled to the brim with....

...Hundred of broken toilets. The porcelain chunks were so thick on the floor it was like swimming in broken toilet land. There was -what used to be- brand new drywall in pieces everywhere. This is drywall that hasn't been used yet, again leading back to the "renovation in process but abandoned" thing I mentioned in part one. There wasn't a single toilet in here that wasn't in ten thousand little pieces. Kids are jerks.

This room also had a fireplace, but oddly in front of it was a five by five foot hole in the ground, as if a sitting area or pool (but placed directly in front of a fireplace?) I'm left wondering what exactly this hole was for.
The room had arched doorways and windows. Everything was arches. I'm going to call this the arch broken toilet room.

Looking at these pictures now, it's creepy the way the "cafe" style chairs and table were set up as if ready to serve tea and crumpets. The room was pretty brightly lit, even for a cloudy day. It almost looks like this room was meant to be an inside outside kind of style, y'know, european and junk.
There were only two doorways in this room, the one we entered through, and one that was kind of bordered off by a "wall" which was smashed in by vandals (assumingly)
Directly through the "wall", we were met with a giant sign proclaiming that there was a cafeteria downstairs. The problem is, there IS no downstairs, this was the bottom floor. Trent said the sign probably meant that the cafeteria was "through those doors under it" but I still think they should have had a proper sign. Oh, and right beside those doors we found some human vertabrae.....

Ok, so maybe not human bones, but it sure looks human and to this day I have no idea what kind of bones those are. I kicked them around a bit to take a better picture, and yeah, they were real bones.

The cafeteria area was dark, we didn't spend too much time in here because of the lack of windows and eerie atmosphere. I snapped a few pictures before moving on...quickly. One picture shows some knocked down coolers, I didn't realize they were coolers until reviewing the pictures because it was so dark in there.

We got out of the dark into another gigantic open room, this one again decorated in very 70's style. The light fixtures were single 60 watt bulbs surrounded by mirrors....because that's super cool when you're living in 1978 and high on ludes, man.

At the very end of this elongated room is yet another fireplace. According to some forums on the lake eden facebook page, this was a popular place to warm up after skiing.

And if you want to hold an event, they have enough chairs in this place, all stacked into another giant room, enough so that you can't even go into the room without moving chairs.

The chalet - outside!

Eventually we ventured back out into the Alberta winter, suffice to say the outside makes for much better pictures:

Trent and I assumed that the ".....ing lounge" was the large room with the dance floor and "bar" area.

The "other" building:

The only clue to this building is a barely readable sign saying something about ski equipment rentals. Like I previously mentioned, it's really weirdly oriented, two long corridors leading into a creepy basement, and upper floors that resemble office space and apartments. Very strange, again NO idea what this was at one point.

Creepy basement area, the above picture was taken in pitch blackness, I stood in the doorway of one corridor and snapped a picture.

The main floor was the "office space" and the top with the balcony seemed like two apartments across from each other. Very strangely oriented.....Can't figure out the scheme of this place at all, but I suppose time and the elements have taken their toll on what once was.

The nicest of the two apartments, nice balcony/sliding doors, fireplace, etc. Still wondering why/what for. The stairs leading up to these was splattered with red paint, giving it that effective "movie death scene" kind of look.

That's all for tonight, kids. Stay tuned for episode 3: The abandoned ski hills!

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Reply Dianna
8:53 AM on April 25, 2012 
wow this is amazing to see all these pictures . about 13 years ago my dad lived in the apartments under the chalet and the chalet was run down then because it was just a campground at the time and not in use other then residents using it for partys, but it makes me so sad to see the place i had some of the best and worse memories look so terrible . it such a shame to see something so run down that with proper care could have been a great place for all to enjoy .
thanks for sharing all these pictures .
Reply Dianna
10:01 AM on April 25, 2012 
Photo 2 is an apartment that the people that ran the campground for years lived in obvioulsy looking alot better back then.